Recommended D-Bol Cycles

Recommended D-Bol CyclesLike other anabolic steroids, it is necessary to use D-bol for sale in carefully planned cycles in order to reduce the risk of side effects while enhancing its efficacy. There are several cycles from which to choose, and users often create their own with a bit of experimentation. It is important to choose a cycle based on experience level first, and then custom tailor it to the individual’s personal needs.

D-Bol Only for Beginners

In a D-bol only cycle, beginners may or may not experience gains. However, these D-bol cycles are great starting points for individuals who want to gauge their response to – and tolerance of – this particular steroid. A single dose of 30mg of D-bol per day, 30 minutes before a workout, for a period of six weeks should help individuals judge whether this particular steroid is the right choice.

Stacked D-Bol Cycle for Beginners

If the user tolerates D-bol well, the next step involves stacking it with a second anabolic steroid to discover its full potential. A sample stacked D-bol cycle is as follows:

  • 25mg D-bol and 42mg of Trenbolone every day for the first six weeks
  • 42mg of Trenbolone every day for the last two weeks

Because the cycle is short, there is no need to supplement with testosterone. However, those who are particularly sensitive to the effects of low testosterone may find need to supplement with a low dose.

Intermediate D-Bol Cycles

Over time, users may find that they tolerate D-bol well and choose to pair it with stronger anabolic steroids for longer cycles. One of the most common D-bol cycles utilizes testosterone enanthate, or Test-E:

  • 40mg D-bol and 500mg of testosterone enanthate daily for the first five weeks
  • 500mg of testosterone enanthate daily for the following seven weeks

Another intermediate cycle for those who want huge gains but do not want to continue to take steroids for more than six weeks involves combining 25mg of D-bol with 50mg of Proviron every day for six weeks. The combination is powerful and may cause liver damage, so it is crucial to stick to the six-week cycle.

Advanced D-Bol Cycles

Individuals should avoid experimentation and deviation from these D-bol cycles for a while, but once they have learned how the different components in the stacks affect them, they can begin to create their own cycles. A great example of a more advanced D-bol cycle is:

  • 30mg D-bol and 400mg of Trenbolone each day and 500mg Test-E weekly for the first five weeks
  • 400mg of Trenbolone daily and 500mg of Test-E each week for the next three weeks
  • 500mg of Test-E weekly for the final six weeks

Adding Aromatase Inhibitors

D-bol turns to estrogen in the body, and for this reason, it is important for individuals to utilize an aromatase inhibitor during and after their D-bol cycles to prevent the buildup of estrogen and related conditions such as gynecomastia. Arimidex and Aromasin are both popular choices. Users can start these at the front of their cycles if they wish, but they should come in at least halfway through the cycle and follow through until the end in order to prevent estrogen-related side effects.

Post-Cycle Therapies

Finally, it is important to follow D-bol cycles with other therapies to help stimulate the production of testosterone and help the body fall back into its natural hormonal rhythm. Popular post-cycle therapies used after D-bol cycles include Nolvadex at 100mg daily for four weeks, Clomid at 100mg daily for two weeks and then 50mg daily for another two weeks. Some people choose to use HCG, depending on what they have available to them.

Because of the side effects associated with D-bol and other anabolic steroids, the fewer you can use for the shortest amount of time, the better. Starting out with lone D-bol cycles and then working up to the addition of second anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone is the best way to mitigate these risks by balancing results with tolerance.