D-Bol Stacks

D-Bol StacksSince very few athletes and bodybuilders experience the gains they want with the steroid alone, D-bol stacks are crucial for big gains and solid muscles. It acts quickly and has a very short half-life, so most people use it at the front end of their cycles to get a jump on their gains right away. Although testosterone and aromatase inhibitors are requirements, the other anabolic steroids in D-bol stacks are variable.

Requirement #1 – Testosterone

Regardless of whether you choose to use it alone or in D-bol stacks, testosterone is a vital part of any cycle. D-bol works directly on the androgen receptors in the brain, which tells the body that it no longer needs to produce natural testosterone. However, since D-bol is not an exact match for testosterone and is only a derivative, this has negative effects. Symptoms of low testosterone include mood instability, fatigue, depression, low libido, and more. Taking a testosterone supplement along with steroids wards off the effects of low testosterone.

Requirement #2 – Aromatase Inhibitor (Letrozole or Arimidex)

Another consideration is the fact that D-bol has a very high estrogen conversion rate, and too much estrogen in the male body produces some undesirable effects. It is for this reason that men who take steroids irresponsibly develop conditions like testicular atrophy, impotence, and even severe gynecomastia, a condition in which men develop female breast tissue that is often irreversible without surgery. An aromatase inhibitor such as letrozole or Arimidex prevents estrogen conversion and keeps these side effects at bay.

Option #1 – Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is another very popular anabolic steroid, and while it has not been available for decades like D-bol, it does enjoy a phenomenal reputation thanks to its availability and effectiveness. Pairing the two is ideal for intermediate and expert users, as it provides quick gains with a reduced risk for side effects as neither dose exceeds recommendation. In fact, most people fare will with just 30mg of D-Bol per day for a total of six weeks when paired with 400mg of Deca Durabolin per day.

Option #2 – Trenbolone

Trenbolone and D-bol stacks are also quite popular, though there is some debate as to the efficacy of using both products at the same time. The majority chooses D-bol for the first four to six weeks, and then switches to Trenbolone. This is because D-bol may cause liver damage when used for many weeks in a row, and Trenbolone has the potential to cause kidney problems. However, by swapping the two mid-cycle, these side effects are less likely to occur, but individuals can still reap the full benefits of this powerful stack.

Option #3 – Sustanon-250

Although D-bol and Sustanon-250 is not an ideal stack among expert steroid users, it does provide a good starting place for beginners. Most professionals recommend utilizing testosterone rather than Sustanon-250 since the latter tends to have little impact during shorter cycles. However, it does a good job of maintaining testosterone balance within the bloodstream, thus preventing side effects associated with low levels of the hormone. Furthermore, many people claim that Sustanon-250 is easier to find than testosterone propionate or enanthate, which are common D-bol stacks.

Option #4 – Winstrol

A handful of users prefer stacking D-bol with Winstrol, which is another oral anabolic steroid. While some experienced outstanding results, gaining as much as 50 pounds in a single 16-week cycle, some experienced side effects so severe that they were forced to drop the stack. Both D-bol and Winstrol cause liver toxicity, and aside from the obvious liver damage, it also causes a buildup of toxins in the blood that can lead to fatigue and pain in the muscles and joints. Use Winstrol and D-bol stacks with extreme caution, if it all.

D-bol stacks provide much better results than D-bol alone, but it is important for each individual user to discover which anabolic steroids work well for them, which are tolerable, and which produce the fewest negative side effects.