Where to Buy D-bol Made by the CIBA BrandIf you ask any older steroid user about his or her favorite, the name Dianabol is one that will soon become familiar. First produced by a Swiss pharmaceutical company called CIBA, the original D-bol was one of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever developed.

Does CIBA Make Dianabol?

CIBA was the first pharmaceutical company in history to manufacture D-bol, and it did so with the help of Maryland doctor John Bosley Ziegler. Doctors prescribed it for medical purposes, but Olympic athletes also received it following claims that Russian athletes were doing the same. When the athletes and trainers realized its benefits, CIBA ramped up production. It was not until the IOC, or International Olympic Committee, decided to start testing all Olympic athletes for steroids that production took a nosedive. Later, CIBA stopped manufacturing D-bol altogether.

Buying CIBA Brand D-bol

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to buy CIBA brand D-bol. There are numerous stories available online from individuals who were lucky enough to experience the product for themselves, and they claim that even though other pharmaceutical companies around the world attempt to duplicate the original D-bol formula, the pills are simply not the same. What’s more, although D-bol is a CIBA-specific brand name, athletes still use this term when referring to methandrostenolone, the chemical name for the compound.

Thai Manufacturers

British Dispensary, a Thai pharmaceutical manufacturer, creates its own unique formulation of D-bol called Anabol. It comes in tablet form and it is quite popular there, not only because it is readily available, but also because it is insanely cheap. Because of the appearance of the tabs, people refer to them as “pinkies”. However, although British Dispensary goes to great lengths to prevent counterfeits, they do exist. Other companies in Thailand that make D-bol include Body Research, which creates them in small blue hearts, and Methandon, which creates small white tablets.

Other Manufacturers

Akrikhin, a Russian company, creates generic forms of methandrostenolone. These come in 10 blister pack strips with 10 tablets in each strip, and the 100-tablet box is a very bright purple color. A Romanian pharmaceutical company called Naposim also manufactures D-bol in triangle-shaped pills that also come in blister packs of 100. A Polish company creates methandrostenolone under the name of Metanabol, and Monrovian Balkan Pharmaceuticals creates a product called Danabol in 10mg and 50mg tablets. As you can see, pills similar to D-bol are available in many Russian and even Scandinavian counties.

Beware of Counterfeits

Should you choose to purchase products from any of these legitimate manufacturers, take the time to familiarize yourself with their unique packaging. Often, con artists looking to make a quick buck will attempt to duplicate the pills and the packaging, but these usually contain herbs or even dyed cornstarch rather than a steroid. Learning to point out these flaws can save you plenty of trouble – and a lot of money.

Although you can no longer buy D-bol made by the CIBA brand, there are other companies across the world that work hard to create suitable versions of methandrostenolone. Learning more about them can help you make better, more affordable, and safer choices.