What is D-BolDianabol (D-bol) is a brand name for a chemical called methandrostenolone, first developed and sold by CIBA, a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. D-bol has a rich history, though controversial, and it provides outstanding gains in relatively short cycles. It is one of the leading steroids in the industry.

Testosterone Derivative

Like all anabolic steroids, D-bol is a derivative of testosterone. Essentially, this means that scientists altered the testosterone molecule in order to create a compound that does not occur naturally within the body. In the case of D-bol, one of the carbon molecules is missing. As such, it bonds to the same androgen receptors in the body as testosterone and affects many of the same systems, but it does so in a very different manner. It actually enhances the synthesis of protein and the creation of glucose, both of which are necessary for huge muscle gains.

The Key Benefits

Despite many claims that D-bol is dangerous, when people use it as directed, it is actually beneficial to their bodies. For one, it increases metabolic activity in the body, which essentially causes the body to burn more calories than it consumes, decreasing fat stores. By increasing calories and physical activity, however, D-bol aids in the gain of solid muscle mass. It also helps athletes recuperate from their workouts will less fatigue and soreness, and it preserves lean tissue that may be destroyed during workouts and training otherwise. Of course, athletes note that it provides increases in strength and stamina, allowing them to work out harder for longer periods.

The Side Effects

Although Dianabol is beneficial, it is not without its side effects. Some of these include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, water retention, liver toxicity, suppressed testosterone production, elevated estrogen levels, gynecomastia, and testicular atrophy. However, D-bol at the right doses mitigates much of the risk, and testosterone supplements as well as aromatase inhibitors can help to prevent many of the other side effects. Because of these side effects, individuals who have certain preexisting medical conditions, including diabetes, liver or kidney complications, or heart disease, should not use D-bol.

Proper Dose and Use

In order to achieve the best benefits with Dianabol while avoiding many of the worst side effects, it is imperative to take it exactly as recommended. The usual dose for D-bol is between 25 and 50mg per day, though some individuals claim that as little as 10mg per day provides them with the results they need. Users should take it for no more than eight weeks at a time, and eight-week resting periods are important between cycles, too. Remember that taking more D-bol than recommended will not produce any further benefits, but it will absolutely increase the risk for and severity of side effects.

D-bol is relatively safe when used as directed, and this is precisely why it remains at the top of the popularity charts when it comes to anabolic steroids. With so much to offer and so little risk when used correctly, it is no wonder that so many celebrities, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, have turned to D-bol in the past.