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What is D-Bol?

D-bol, short for Dianabol for sale, is a very common and incredibly popular anabolic steroid available for both injection and oral use. Often called the “Breakfast of Champions” in forums and on social media sites, it produces some of the biggest, quickest gains known to athletes.


What Does D-Bol Do?

D-bol is a bulking agent that works on the androgen receptors of the brain, thereby causing the body to release a cocktail of hormones and other chemicals that are perfect for building muscle. D-bol does not work on its own, however; athletes and bodybuilders must combine the use of the steroid with a regimen of strenuous exercise and a strict diet in order to reap its benefits.


Is It Possible to Stack D-Bol for Better Results?

Many athletes choose to stack D-bol with other anabolic steroids including Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and even Anavar in order to achieve outstanding results all while lessening the risk for significant side effects. D-bol stacks produce better results than either steroid could produce on its own, but it is important to learn about different types of anabolic steroids and which stack best with D-bol before commencing a cycle.


Are the Side Effects Dangerous?

The media and social networks have a distorted view of D-bol and other anabolic steroids, particularly since they only report the negative aspects associated with taking too much for a long period. Although it is true that D-bol can cause negative side effects including mood instability, liver failure, and testicular atrophy, all of these effects are avoidable with the right doses, proper cycles, and responsible use.


Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

When users take D-bol according to recommendations, the benefits truly outweigh the risks. Oftentimes, the negative side effects associated with this and other anabolic steroids come from taking more than recommended. In this case, the recommended maximum dosage is 50 mg per day for a period that does not exceed eight weeks in duration. Taking more than this or for a longer period will not improve the results, but it may exacerbate the potential for serious side effects such as liver toxicity and gynecomastia.


What Should I Do Before Taking D-Bol for the First Time?

Before anyone uses D-bol for the first time, he or she should take very small doses of about 10mg to discern his or her body’s tolerance to the steroid. Some people respond favorably to doses as low as 10mg when it is stacked with another steroid like Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone, and others may find that a 50mg per day dosage of Dianabol alone is enough to add sufficient bulk. Individuals who have preexisting medical conditions – namely immune disorders, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol – should not use D-bol.

The History of D-Bol

D-Bol Workout

Late 1930s – Russian chemists create D-bol and it hits German shelves shortly thereafter.

1940s-1950s – Soviet Union distributes D-bol to Olympic athletes, leading to a series of crushing victories over the United States.

1960 – Maryland physician Dr. John Bosley Zeigler suspects Soviet Union’s Olympic athletes of “doping” and subsequently administers D-bol to American athletes.

1960-1968 – Physicians realize the effects of D-bol and steroids in general in athletes; they have larger, more toned muscles, increased strength, and unparalleled stamina.

1968 – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) initiates the first tests for steroids at the Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble, France.

1972 – First full-scale testing of Olympic athletes for steroids.

1975 – Steroids banned in Olympics by the IOC.

1988 – President Ronald Reagan signs the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which bans the sale of steroids except with a prescription and medical need.

1990 – US Congress passes the Anabolic Steroids Act, officially adding them to the Controlled Substances List and making their possession or use without a medical prescription punishable by law.

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